Crédit Lombard

The financing solution for your project

Take advantage of a Lombard Loan for more performance and flexibility

By pledging your securities, such as shares, bonds or investment funds, you increase your financial flexibility without having to sell all or part of your portfolio.

This way, it is possible to benefit from a credit facility that can be used at any time.


Whether it is within the context of Activmandate portfoliomanagement or our Selfinvest offer, thanks to the Lombard Credit you can:

Increase the return on your financial investments

Obtain additional funds to strengthen your portfolio. Benefit more from the evolution of your investments thanks to this leverage.

Obtaining liquid assets for the realisation of your projects

Whether you want to buy a historic car, an object of art or any other good that would please you. Finance your second home abroad with the combination of a Lombard loan and a mortgage.

The Lombard Loan represents an interesting solution that allows our clients to increase their financial flexibility without having to sell their securities.

Fred Kutten – Deputy Head of Business Unit - Private Banking

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