Sustainable Wealth

Our commitment to sustainable Private Banking

We are a customer-centric bank that also aims to be a catalyst for the sustainable transition

We are committed to educating, persuading and guiding economic actors towards a sustainable economy while demonstrating that we understand the sector-based and social democratic challenges.

Converging towards sustainable wealth management Sustainable for you, for us and for our planet

Our promise of a transition to sustainable wealth management is threefold:


We commit to being transparent about the sustainability of our products and services and to ensuring a sustainability threshold for all of our products and services.


We commit to training our advisers, to explaining the importance of sustainability to our customers and to making sustainability an integral part of our advice and our management approaches.


We commit to enhancing the sustainability of our products and services and to making sustainability a key factor in our strategy.

Sustainability is a priority for us and not an afterthought

We commit to innovating in order to:

  • Offer you a comprehensive range of sustainable products and services
  • That deliver a strong financial and ecological performance
  • And cost no more than traditional products.

As a State bank, Spuerkeess has the mission to contribute to the economic and social development of the country in all areas through its activities, particularly its financing activities

Claude Hirtzig - Head of Department Retail Banking

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