Cookie policy

The Cookie Policy describes the files stored temporarily on PCs and other devices visitors use to browse the websites of Banque et Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat, Luxembourg (Spuerkeess). We use cookies to customise our customers experience on our websites. They indicate us which pages are the most visited, help us to measure the effectiveness of advertising and web searches, and give us an idea of how users interact with our websites.

A) Definition of a cookie:

Cookies are small text files sent by a website to a user’s device (which might be a desktop or laptop computer, a smartphone or a tablet) while he is browsing. They are stored in the browser's memory. The website that sent them can read and save the cookies found on the device so as to retrieve data of various types.

B) Types of cookies which may be used by Spuerkeess:

Each site uses:

a.    technical cookies ensuring that the site content can be used properly;

b.    third-party analytical cookies as an anonymous and pooled instrument to analyse the attitudes of people who browse the site;

c.     third-party profiling cookies to promote offers which are compatible with the customers requirements.

C) Definition of the various types of cookies:

a.    Session cookies:

These cookies are deleted automatically when exiting the browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome).

b.    Persistent cookies:

These cookies remain on the device and operate even after closing the browser, until they expire.

c.     First-party cookies:

These cookies are generated by the owner of the website the user is browsing.

d.    Third-party cookies:

These cookies are generated by parties (third-parties) other than the owner of the website the user is browsing (under an agreement between the website owner and the third party).

D) Definition of functional macro-categories:

a.   Technical cookies

Technical cookies are necessary for the website to operate properly and to make browsing possible; without this type of cookies, users would not be able to view pages correctly or use some services. For example, a technical cookie is essential to keep users connected while they browse the website and to store language, display and other settings. Technical cookies can be subdivided into:

  • browsing cookies which ensure that users can browse smoothly (e.g. by enabling them to make a purchase or log into the “members” area);
  • functionality cookies, which improve the service delivered by tailoring the browsing experience based on a series of selected criteria (e.g. language, products selected for purchase).
  • analytical cookies which can be assimilated to technical cookies if they are used directly by the site owner to gather information, in an aggregated form, on user numbers and how they use the site;

b.    Profiling cookies

Profiling cookies are designed to create user profiles and are used to send advertising messages based on the preferences users indicate when browsing this network. Because of the particularly invasive nature of these cookies and their impact on users’ privacy, applicable regulations stipulate that users must be duly informed of their use and consent to it.

As these cookies are not necessary for the site to operate properly, but are only used to make internet users aware of the offers best suited to their needs, users have the option to enable or disable them directly on the websites of the cookies’ owners.

E) Details of the cookies used on the "Cornerstone" website :

The cookies used on this site are strictly necessary

Acceptance of these cookies enables you to browse our website and use Spuerkeess digital services. Without these strictly necessary cookies, certain parts of our website would no longer function correctly. We use functional cookies to provide you with a personalised browsing service for a better customer experience. This is why they are activated by default. These are technical cookies relating to the recruitment site which is hosted on servers located within the European Community (Paris and Frankfurt). 

Cookie Name
Session (30 minutes)
Third party technical cookie
Stores a session ID
Permanent (1 week)
Third party technical cookie
Used for load balancing
Permanent (1 week)
Third party technical cookie
Used for load balancing
Session (30 minutes)
Third party technical cookie
Infrastructure monitoring

F) How to disable cookies:

Any user can configure his browser to block cookies automatically. It is possible to delete cookies stored in the browser or prevent new ones from being stored. Specific information on each browser, can be found in the "Help” section of said browser. Support articles can be searched by typing queries such as: “How to disable cookies in browser...”