With the BHW home savings scheme contract, build up a basic capital for your home

Are you dreaming of becoming an home owner? So building up a basic capital is essential and can start from your first salary. BHW WohnBausparen Plus is intended for financing needs above EUR 50.000 and offers particularly advantageous terms and conditions, as you can determine your borrowing rate yourself and the amount of your monthly instalment.

You also have the following advantages:

  • No minimum prior savings required
  • Access to state aid
  • Subscription charge of 1%
  • Guaranteed credit interest rate
  • Tax benefit through a deduction for special expenses on your tax return (between EUR 672 and EUR 1.344 annually depending on your age)

BHW Bausparen

For maximum flexibility!

Leaflet "BHW WohnBausparenPlus"

Leaflet "BHW KomfortBausparen"

Make sure you are well informed before embarking on your housing project:

Your home savings scheme contract will also allow you to benefit from the State guarantee.

Mortgage loan and basic capital, this is the duo to finance a home. If you do not have sufficient basic capital, the State can act as a guarantor for part of your loan.

The terms and conditions for benefiting from this guarantee are:

  • Not be the owner of another property

  • Have held a savings account with the same bank for at least 3 years

  • Prove an increase of at least EUR 1.000 per year in the balance of this savings account for at least 3 years prior to the application

Little tip:

Even if you are not yet entering professional life, a BHW contract is a good plan … Why?

Save, for example, EUR 40 per month and receive a bonus of 0,6% on the amount of your BHW KomfortBausparen home savings scheme if you are under 25 years of age.