Spuerkeess Asset Management acts as investment advisor and gives recommendations regarding the asset allocation and asset selection within the agreed investment strategy. All investments are made through funds and ETF via a multi-management and open-architecture approach. Our portfolio managers select the best-in-class Asset Managers in the industry, leaders in sustainability with a strong and robust investment process and discipline. The intentionality of the portfolio manager to invest in companies contributing to better world is key in selection.

Our portfolio managers’ team applies strict exclusion rules, such as the exclusion of investments in controversial weapons, UNGC violators, investments in companies facing one or more very severe controversies related to the environment, customers, human rights, labour rights and governance, etc. Only funds that promote, among others, environmental or social criteria or a combination of those, and funds that have a sustainable investment objective will be chosen. Positive selection criteria are also applied by using an ESG Score (MSCI ESG Quality Score) for the underlying funds.

Furthermore, investments will be made in companies providing solutions for energy transition and aligned with climate change objectives and respect of ecosystems. Our fund selectors team is in close contact with the underlying fund managers. They are assessed, among other criteria, on their ESG approach, ESG integration in investment process, team enthusiasm and commitment on sustainability.