A doubly advantageous supplementary pension 4 steps to benefit today and tomorrow:

1. Save €267 per month in your S-Pension to reach the tax-deductible ceiling of €3,200 per year.

You can pay into your S-Pension contract by direct debit or make regular or one-off payments. You are not obliged to annual payments.  

2. Save €998 a year on your taxes, based on a taxable income of €40,000 in tax class 1.

Your exact tax impact depends on the length of the contract, your taxable income and the composition of your household.   

Simulate the detail of your advantage on S-Net.  

3. Participate in the development of financial markets while you build your supplementary pension.

Your payments are invested in the Spuerkeess LUX-PENSION SICAV, which has several sub-funds, allowing you to opt for the investment policy of your choice.  

Simulate the return on your S-Pension on S-Net.  

4. Benefit from a comfortable supplementary pension in the future

Your capital can be repaid at the earliest at the age of 60, after a minimum contract period of 10 years.  

At that point, you can choose between:  

A one-off repayment of the accumulated funds
A one-off repayment of the accumulated funds
The capital repayment is taxed at half the overall rate, in other words half the taxpayer's average tax rate.
Repayment of the accumulated funds in the form of a monthly life annuity
Repayment of the accumulated funds in the form of a monthly life annuity
Half the amount of your monthly life annuity is tax-free.

You can also opt for a combination of the two.  

You don't even need to leave home to take out your supplementary pension.

You can simulate, subscribe and check your S-Pension scheme directly in S-Net and S-Net Mobile.

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