22nd February 2023

Zero Waste: a strong argument!

Passionate about the environment and digitalisation, Stéphanie Lamberty has brought them together with Kilogram, the first completely online shop for local, organic and zero waste shopping. In this article, Stéphanie describes her path to entrepreneurship. Happy reading!

Meet Stéphanie

I love life, good things, people and our beautiful planet. With kilogram.lu, I dream of encouraging as many people as possible to commit to a more respectful way of living and consuming. After 20 years in banking, I chose to put my skills and my passion for digitalisation at the service of the ecological transition.

My ambition? To make it easier to buy products without packaging.


The idea of creating a business

2020. The climate emergency combined with containment: I want to take action. I already buy in bulk, do my shopping at the farm and am an OUNI cooperative member. But it's a pain to have to run around everywhere. So, I devised a project around 2 main principles: supporting local producers and making life easier for consumers. Kilogram, an online platform combined with a drive or delivery service, will make zero waste even more accessible.

The stages of business creation


After studying business management with a specialisation in consultancy and organisation in Brussels, Paris, Madrid and Oxford, I started working in the banking sector. There I developed and implemented strategic plans for optimising and digitalising processes; an experience that taught me a lot and thrilled me, as I love technology and building solutions in a team!

Two decades later, I decided that my expertise would be the cornerstone of a project that would be like me and in line with my beliefs. Sensitive to climate issues, attached to my region, to the links that can be forged between producers and consumers, and convinced by zero waste, I therefore decided to take the reins of my own business.

The pandemic episode has brought us face to face with our responsibilities, more than ever. I now want to work for a world that makes it a priority to protect the planet and improve the lives and prospects of everyone. A more joyful and solution-oriented world.

A technology facilitator

We have fantastic tools to contribute to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, including the 12th goal ("responsible consumption and production") which Kilogram is addressing.

As a working mother myself, I know that shopping can be an epic and heroic journey when it comes to packaging-free or local and natural products.

So I had the idea of simplifying things by creating a shopping platform where, with a few clicks, you choose your items and opt for delivery or collection at one of the collection points in Steinfort and Belair. They are packaged in returnable jars that you don't need to buy or wash (another time and water saving). Kilogram takes them back when they are empty. They are then processed according to strict food hygiene standards and put back into circulation for future orders. A true circular jar!

I want to be as transparent as possible and the website explains everything: my approach, where the products come from, their nutritional qualities, allergens etc. I am also very attentive to customer feedback and make it my duty to find a solution for every difficulty encountered, every constructive criticism received or for every product wish.

Offering the luxury of consuming locally

As a child, I was lucky enough to be nourished by good local products. I wanted to honour them in turn, for everyone to enjoy. Whether it is the chocolates from Ateliers du Tricentenaire, the pasta from Dudel Magie, the organic eggs from Kahler, the soaps from Colibri d'Hobscheid or Wasch concentrated detergent, to name but a few, I am delighted to promote this local know-how and to support the approach of these farmers and entrepreneurs who give colour to the Greater Region.

My approach also consists of calculating the fairest possible price to make the "bulk-organic-local" trio accessible to as many people as possible.


Ongoing development

Even though I've been (virtually) on my own so far, I'm looking forward to building a team and it's coming soon!

I was lucky enough to participate in nyuko's Impuls (social impact company creation) coaching programme and I benefited from a Fit 4 Digital package from Luxinnovation.

There are currently 250 references, but I intend to expand the range so that you can find everything you need, without having to run around.

Bulk buying has a bright future ahead of it: individuals have become aware of the importance of sustainable consumption and companies are deploying their CSR strategy.

Thank you to all those who have put their trust in me and supported Kilogram since its creation! It's a real pleasure to see customers and suppliers committed, motivated, curious and ready to help. I am fortunate to have such support and I look forward to seeing the community grow. Let's co-create a bright future for our children!

Stéphanie’s advice to future entrepreneurs

Launch your "prototype" quickly!

This allows you to:

  • test the market
  • refine the offer
  • better understand customer needs
  • plan for the first few years of business

My recommendation? Sell dry goods only at first, and make do with free premises. It's smart to avoid costs!

Stéphanie and her bank

An entrepreneur may encounter difficulties and experience moments of doubt. The relationship of mutual trust with your bank is a great support.

Spuerkeess, a local player, resonates with Kilogram's values and mission. A bank that is aware of the economic fabric of Luxembourg, that encourages interaction (I have this blog as proof) between its various partners, suppliers and customers, is precious.

Nyuko has signed a partnership with Spuerkeess, in order to foster entrepreneurial spirit and strengthening the bank's position with company founders from the start of their businesses. More info in our article: https://www.spuerkeess.lu/en/blog/experts-corner/nyuko-fostering-entrepreneurial-spirit/.