In addition to the services described in the "Terms of use of the payment cards of Banque et Caisse d'Epargne de l'Etat, Luxembourg", you may use a mobile payment feature developed by a third party (hereinafter the "Company") to make online or contactless payments on eligible terminals.

To be able to use the mobile payment feature, you must choose at least one BCEE-issued payment card in the wallet section of the Company’s app. In this respect, you consent to the data (your name and bank card details) needed to activate the mobile payment app and for it to run being sent to the Company. This data is not stored in the wallet section of the mobile payment app.

The Company is responsible for the security of the app’s wallet and the mobile payment feature. Personal data and information provided to the Company are subject to the Company's privacy policy as well as its contractual terms and conditions to which you have agreed. BCEE is not responsible for the mobile payment feature. BCEE nonetheless reserves the right to suspend the mobile payment feature if it detects a risk of fraud or in the event that these terms and conditions are not complied with. The Company's app checks that the biometric data (e.g. digital fingerprint or facial recognition) used to manage the wallet matches the data recorded on your device (smartphone, laptop, tablet, watch, smart band or other device). You hereby undertake to keep the data you use to access the mobile payment app confidential. In particular, you will ensure that you only record your own digital fingerprint on your device and that you do not disclose any code that is specific to the mobile payment app. 

The payment limits are the same as those of the payment card.

You may remove your card from the app’s wallet at any time.
You must also delete the feature if you sell, lend or give your connected device to another person.

When your device is disconnected from the account you hold with the Company, it may no longer be used to make payments.


In the event that your device is lost, stolen or used fraudulently, you must immediately delete your cards from the wallet using the Company's app. If your device is lost or stolen, BCEE shall not be liable if you fail to delete the card from the app’s wallet or if you fail to delete it promptly.
The terms of use of the payment cards of Banque et Caisse d'Epargne de l'Etat, Luxembourg also apply when using the mobile payment feature. 
If the underlying payment card (the physical card) is blocked, the payment feature on your device is automatically suspended.