Putting together your application Properly prepare your application

How to give yourself the best chance to get the job you want at Spuerkeess? The recipe is simple: take care over your application and be yourself. To respond to a specific offer or submit a spontaneous application, you can post your CV and covering letter online now. Here are some practical tips to enable you to properly prepare for each stage of the recruitment process.

Covering letter

In your covering letter, mention:

  • any job references;
  • your interests and expectations relating to the position sought;
  • your main assets and your motivations.

Curriculum vitae

Tell us about your background, i.e.:

  • your contactl details;
  • your educational background and your previous professional experience;
  • your language skills and IT knowledge;
  • your hobbies and non-professional activities.

Recruitment interview

If we are interested in your profile, we will contact you to arrange an initial interview. In order to properly prepare for this interview, we recommend that you:

  • reread your CV and covering letter;
  • reflect on your personality, your motivations, your approach to work and your team spirit;
  • find out about the Bank’s activities in general and the position sought in particular;
  • note any questions you may have;
  • prepare the practical details (time of the interview, name of the contact person(s), method of transport, etc.) and dress appropriately.

In the interview, we recommend that you provide clear, precise and honest answers. To leave a good impression, be punctual, natural, polite and open.

The recruitment process

Once your application has been selected, the recruitment process as such comprises in principle:

  • the initial recruitment interview will take place with the specialists in the department in question or with our recruitment managers;
  • a second recruitment interview with the personnel manager or his deputy as well as the managers of the entity that is recruiting;
  • various recruitment tests.

The Recruitment Committee is responsible for the final hiring decision.

Do you need more detailed Information? Contact us: (+352) 4015-2050