Do you plan to settle in Luxembourg? Discover our dedicated offer for expatriates in Luxembourg!

Dear Ginkgo-Customer, Welcome to Luxembourg!

As a financial partner, Spuerkeess supports you at every stage of your journey to Luxembourg, in order to support you with tailor-made solutions, both for your daily operational financing needs and for your investment and development projects. With our offer "WELCOME Expat" for Ginkgo-Customers, you'll have priviledged conditions for all of your banking needs!

Your needs Solutions at every stage:

Spuerkeess offers specifically catered to you!

Special offers proposed by our partners:

Do you need payment cards? Spuerkeess has both debit and credit cards to offer!

Paying online and offline made easy with our payment cards!

Are you a frequent traveller? Enjoy the advantages of our Miles & More Luxair Visa card!

Rental guarantee

Finding the right place to start a new home isn't always easy.

Getting the right rental guarantee can be. Find out how we open your account and set up a rental guarantee - all before your arrival.

If you need to set up a rental guarantee before your arrival, we will be able to open your account beforehand.

Sending money from one country to another? Money transfers made possible!

Do you need to send money to your home country?

Transferring money with Spuerkeess is uncomplicated and fast!

Try it out with S-Net!

S-Net enables you to manage your main banking transactions With S-Net you can:

  • View your sight accounts, savings accounts, securities accounts and loans
  • Execute transfer orders and manage your standing orders
  • Follow your securities portfolio
  • Manage your payment cards
  • View your personal messages

Small country but long distances Enjoy the all-inclusive package "Lease Plus"!

The included administrative management
The included administrative management
Lease Plus makes your life easier by including all administrative requirements for your vehicle beginning with the vehicle registration.
The all-inclusive insurance
The all-inclusive insurance
The monthly Lease Plus rental amount covers all insurance costs for your vehicle and claims management.
Assistance at any time
Assistance at any time
Since no one is immune to a bad surprise, Lease Plus provides 24/7 assistance throughout Europe.

The only thing left to do is discovering the country!

Lease Plus Expat Offer

Lease Plus Expat Offer

You got it all! An exclusive offer for residents of Luxembourg. The convenience of an all-inclusive solution: As a Lease Plus customer, you’ll experience the pleasure of driving in a new way. Thanks to Lease Plus, the only thing you’ll have to remember is to fi ll up the tank! You’ll get the convenience of an all-inclusive solution for all of your vehicle’s other needs.
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Getting through life safely? No worries with lalux insurance!

Whether small or big incidents, it's always better to be safe than sorry. Enjoy preferential packages with our partner lalux insurances.

Lalux Expat Offer

Lalux Expat Offer

Are you new in Luxembourg ? Opt for the easyPROTECT insurance solutions from LALUX Assurances and enjoy carefree days !
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Keeping in touch with your loved ones Choose POST’s Telecom solutions, and rest easy as you move into your new home!

Benefit from a special Welcome offer by Post!

Post Expat Offer

Post Expat Offer

New to Luxembourg? Choose POST’s Telecom solutions, and rest easy as you move into your new home!
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Want to converse with the locals? Learn Luxembourgish or one of 16 other languages with Berlitz!

Profit from a special offer catered to expat customers of Spuerkeess!

Berlitz Expat Offer

Berlitz Expat Offer

Thanks to its partnership with Spuerkeess, Berlitz Luxembourg can offer you the following benefits:
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The solution

Our Zebra Premium package offers you a complete banking package for your everyday needs, making sure that banking is made easy.

Free and unlimited eurotransferts, access to credit card services, beneficial financing conditions and mobile banking.

Read about all of the technical details of your special offer here:

Expat Offer

Expat Offer

WELCOME EXPAT Your bridge to Luxembourg!
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Do you have any questions left? Get in touch with Simône to have them all answered!