LuxTrust online ordering

Go to to order your mobile certificate or scan and call Spuerkeess Direct on (+352) 4015-1 after receiving your LuxTrust certificate.

After the order process you will receive an order form as a PDF file which you have to sign and send to

PAI Support Papier
L-2954 Luxembourg

After processing your order, you will receive an SMS with the LuxTrust codes.

In case of a scan order, this will be sent to you by post.

In case of emergency, you can order the LuxTrust mobile application with video identification on ​​​​​​ and then call Spuerkeess Direct on​​​​​​ (+352) 4015-1 to make your request and enjoy all the S-Net benefits.

After completing the ordering and identification process, your certificate will normally be issued within 20 minutes to 48 hours.