If a customer wishes to exchange data with a third-party provider of his choosing, he will be automatically redirected to the new “Spuerkeess Connect” interface. 

This is a new web and mobile channel that is designed to create a secure link between a Third Party Provider and the e-banking platforms. The customer must authenticate, for example via his LuxTrust product, and then select the account(s) that he would like to share, or confirm a payment.

In most cases, LuxTrust authentication will be required (using a secret image or through LuxTrust Mobile). On mobile devices, the PIN or TouchID may be sufficient, for example when the recipient of the payment figures among the list of trusted beneficiaries.

The customer may withdraw consent given to the third-party service provider through their application at any time. Alternatively, the customer may log on to S-Net or S-Net Mobile and view all of the authorisations he has granted to Third Party Providers or block them under the “Settings” – “Spuerkeess Connect” section. Unless explicitly renewed by the customer, access will expire automatically after 90 days.