Contactless payments are made using NFC (Near Field Communication), a short-wave transmission technology that is also used to make payments with smartphones or smart watches.

For this type of payment, you don’t have to insert your card into the terminal. Just hold your debit or credit card near the “contactless” icon on the payment terminal.

In Luxembourg, you can make contactless payments for any amount. For payments of less than EUR 50, you don’t need to enter your PIN. Above this amount, you will be asked to enter your PIN. These limits are valid in Luxembourg and vary by country.

How do you know if your card works in contactless mode?

If you see the icon on the back of your card, it offers the feature.

How do you activate it?

The contactless payment feature is activated once you have:

  • either completed a contact payment in a shop and entered your PIN, 
  • or changed your PIN or made a withdrawal (fee charged for credit card withdrawals) at an ATM.


- NFC (Near Field Communication) technology

- works with debit cards, credit cards, smart watches and smartphones

- fast and secure

- don’t need to insert card in terminal

- don’t need PIN code for payments of less than EUR 50