Private third party liability insurance

A private third party liability insurance protects you and your family against the financial consequences of causing a third party loss or damage. It is free even for your children under 30 years of age who are temporarily living elsewhere as an apprentice, pupil or student. Additional cover is legal protection, which extends both to justified claims for compensation and defence against unjustified claims.

Car insurance: lalux easy-protect Auto

With lalux easy-protect Auto you select the cover, as well as the options and services you really need. Your car insurance is tailored to your car, your family situation and your budget. Should there be an accident or material damage that does not involve a third party, the "casco" guarantee will cover the repairs of your car without any first loss and without affecting your bonus.

Credit life insurance

Credit life insurances or decreasing term death insurances cover an outstanding balance of your debt in the event of death. Customers are advised, sometimes even required, to subscribe this type of insurance policy when they take out a mortgage loan. It may also be used to cover a personal loan.

In the event of the borrower's death, the purpose of the decreasing term insurance policy is to pay off the outstanding balance of the debt and thereby protect the family assets. The insurance covers the amount of the outstanding capital and the interest accrued since the last payment date. It may cover one or two insured and may be coupled to a permanent total disability insurance.