Arranged overdraft Axxess Job: to get started in the world of work

During the 24 months that Axxess Job is free, you can request one time only an arranged overdraft Axxess Job of up to 50% of your salary at the exceptional rate of 0%*. The duration of this arranged overdraft is limited to 3 months.

The arranged overdraft Axxess Job is the ideal solution for coping with the extraordinary purchases you may have to make as a young professional: work clothes, furniture, computer hardware, etc. Spuerkeess will then authorise you to withdraw more funds from your account than your current credit balance.

Key features at a glance:
  • interest rate: 0%
  • maximum amount: 50% of net salary
  • maximum period: 3 months
  • can be accessed once only

* subject to approval of your application