Speedinvest A unique way to invest

Investing is a great way to diversify and earn a higher return on your savings today. Are you worried you don’t have enough financial expertise and thus seek a professional, easy and efficient investment-management service? Moreover, are you interested in digital tools that make your life easier? If so, we’ve got good news!

Investing is as easy as saving

Spuerkeess is the first retail bank in Luxembourg to launch an automated, digital “robo-advisor” investment product. Speedinvest is meant for novice investors as well as more experienced investors wishing to diversify their savings. With this new product, Spuerkeess is offering an alternative to conventional saving, as well as a modern and original way to invest.

Just answer a few questions about your objectives and financial situation, and the Speedinvest robot draws up a personalised investment strategy in line with your investor profile.

A diversified and tailored investment

In accordance with the chosen strategy, your money will be invested in two Global Diversified Sicav (GDS) subfunds - a bond subfund and an equity subfund – that are mainly composed of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). They were specially created for Speedinvest.

What are the advantages? At this stage, you benefit from the know-how of our specialists! Our experts are in charge of managing your portfolio in accordance with your investment strategy. You will therefore be benefiting from a personalised and professional service at all times. The experts at BCEE Asset Management automatically adapt the exposure of both subfunds depending on market trends and financial news, in order to ensure the highest return possible.

The ETFs take a diversified approach when investing in international stock markets (for instance in North America, Europe or Japan) and in bonds denominated in EUR and USD, thus helping reduce volatility risk.

It's fast and easy

With Speedinvest, you can view your geographic and sector exposure as well as the main underlying positions, at any time. Want to invest more or withdraw funds? No problem. You have full control and decide anytime time how much you want to invest. Plus, Speedinvest automatically monitors your investment to make sure it complies with the investment strategy and makes adjustments to adapt to market fluctuations. In other words, you don't have to worry about a thing! SpeedInvest manages your investment simply and securely for you.