Why should you take part in Stock Market Learning?

Stock Market Learning is the largest stock market game in Europe and teaches beginners and finance enthusiasts alike about the stock market, helping them to improve their knowledge. School and university is often heavily theory-based whereas Stock Market Learning uses the principle of “learning by doing”.

Once you have taken part in the game, the stock market will no longer hold any secrets for you!

Have fun playing in a team

Together, you can learn how to trade securities, understand the movement of exchange rates and learn when it's the right time to buy and sell shares. And the best part is that every year, teachers, pupils and university students from across Europe take part!

Throwback to Planspiel Börse 2017!

May the best team win!

The winners are the teams that make the most money each year! This is also possible by investing in environmentally responsible companies and by making sustainable investments. Sustainable investments are investments that take into account economic, environmental and social aspects when making capital investment purchasing decisions. Sustainability aims to help protect the environment through the responsible use of renewable energies. For example, you could invest in companies in the renewable energy sector or in sustainable forestry management!

Each player can win up to 500 euros as well as other cool prizes.

School pupils can take part in teams of 6 and university students can play individually or in pairs! School pupils who claim the top spot win a trip to the awards ceremony in Brussels!