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Activmandate Philosophy

Activmandate is a core investment solution designed by a team of experts in asset management. Investment decisions are delegated to the Spuerkeess Asset Management’s portfolio management team, acting as the investment advisor. This dedicated team of experts gives recommendations on assets’ allocation and selection within the definite framework of the agreed investment strategy. The resulting portfolio is invested in accordance with a particular investor risk profile defined for each customer.

All in one investment solution

tailored to client's risk profile

Funds & ETFs

Portfolio models are actively managed and diversified among major asset classes, geographies and currencies. The allocation choices are guided by the Global Asset Allocation Committee held on a monthly basis and composed of strategists and economists from Spuerkeess Asset Management. This target allocation is applied to the Activmandate model portfolio to make sure clients’ investments are always exposed efficiently and adapted to the current macroeconomic environment. All investments are made through funds and ETFs via a multi-management and open-architecture approach. Our portfolio

managers select the industry’s best-in-class asset managers, showing a strong and robust investment process and discipline. In a nutshell, Activmandate is an all-in-one investment solution, tailored to each customer’s risk profile. It provides access to an actively managed strategy that applies Spuerkeess Asset Management experts’ market views and invests in a diversified array of (in-house and third-party) funds managed by the best asset managers worldwide.

Efficient exposure

Investment Policy

The long-term aim of the Security Strategy is cautious enrichment of the portfolio by taking advantage of money market developments, interest rate levels on the global bond markets and currency fluctuations. This strategy’s assets are invested primarily in bond and/or money market UCI or in similar products and/or liquid funds. There will be no investments in equities.

We aim to offer an active wealth management solution, invested internationally in a diversified bond portfolio. Thomas Noël - Manager Activmandate - Spuerkeess Asset Management





Security Strategy


Conservative Strategy


Balanced Strategy
Data on past performances are not a reliable indicator of future performances. Information relating to past performance is based on a model portfolio representing the investment strategy. Actual performances can vary based on investment dates and investment volume.

Main investments

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Main investments



Vanguard USD Treasury Bond UCITS ETF


Lux-Bond - Long Term EUR


Janus Henderson Horizon Euro Corporate Bond Fund


Amundi US Treasury 7-10 UCITS ETF DR


Nordea 1 SICAV - European Covered Bond Fund

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Risk value


The level of risk is determined on the basis of the historical performance of the last five years and should not be considered a reliable indicator of the future risk profile of the compartment. It represents the risk of fluctuations in the net asset value of the portfolio and may change over time.

Main investments

Security Strategy

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