Training courses adapted to each stage of your career

Training is an essential driver of collective competitiveness and personal development. This is why Spuerkeess makes a substantial investment in training to enable you to develop throughout your career. After particularly valuable integration training, the Bank offers you a programme of ongoing training courses adapted to the requirements of your job and your own aspirations.

Integration training

Depending on  your studies, any previous professional experience and your assignment, you benefit from a maximum 2-year internship period. You therefore have the opportunity to take part in training courses covering in particular the following subjects:

  • general banking techniques;
  • more specific subjects related to the activities of the entity to which you are assigned;
  • relational aspects of work, i.e. soft skills.

Finally, future employees in wage group A1 (Master) work on a real project for around six months. The project ends with the writing of an end of internship thesis.

Ongoing training

During the regular interviews, you have the possibility of expressing the wish to take part in ongoing training courses provided internally or by external national and international organisations. Established individually for each employee, this programme covers both the area of soft skills and the technical skills attached directly or indirectly to the banking profession.