A customised support programme for new recruits

Spuerkeess seeks to integrate you in an optimal manner, make you rapidly operational and promote a spirit of mobility, flexibility and engagement from the outset. We therefore want to give you the means to put all your talent, dedication and skills into serving our customers.

All new recruits benefit from an integration programme comprising:

  • a “Welcome Day” where you can discover details about the working environment as well as the practical arrangements of the induction course and legal obligations.
  • a mentor available to you throughout the internship period. The mentor prepares the work area, welcomes the recruit at the branch or in the department, is responsible for on-the-job training and integration training. This person conducts an interview with you on a quarterly basis. Always available, the mentor is the intern's primary contact for  successful integration.
  • a team from the Staff Management unit is responsible for constantly improving induction courses. This team is responsible for organising integration, support for interns, mentors as well as respective managers welcoming a new recruit.