Careers at Spuerkeess

Once you are definitively hired, you will begin your career alongside us with public law status equivalent to that of government employees. There are three main careers at Spuerkeess. Similar to government careers, they are based on the educational diploma, i.e.:

  • wage group B1 corresponding to the baccalauréat (BAC),  baccalauréat plus 2 years' higher education (BAC +2);
  • wage group A2 corresponding to a Bachelor’s degree (baccalauréat plus 3 years' higher education - BAC +3);
  • wage group A1 corresponding to a university education such as a Master’s degree.

Your career development is directly related to your commitment, your qualification, your desire for mobility and the responsibilities you assume during your professional  career with the Bank. Advancement in a career follows a matrix consisting of different steps and grades.