16th April 2021

Sophie finally got to eat out after the restaurants reopened!

On Monday the radio station announced that the sun would finally be back this week. And now that Sophie is done with her busy weeks long spring cleaning, she can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. She will make up for lost time after so many months during which restaurants remained closed. It's a done deal—tomorrow she and Marc will go have lunch together.

The loveliest terraces to have lunch on

Sophie has listed all the best spots with terraces where she could take Marc, her mouth watering at the mere thought of it. Marc is the one who does the cooking at home and he deals pretty well with it (except that one time on Pretzel Sunday, she remembers, but in his defence, it was Phili's fault). On that day it was Sophie who got stuck cleaning it all up afterwards!

Sophie checked Instagram for the best restaurants to try between Marc's office and hers and ranked them by distance. Now it’s all set and she’s made a reservation for noon sharp.

A long-awaited lunch date—it had been ages!

Sophie was so excited to eat out at a restaurant again because she and Marc used to go every couple of weeks before the pandemic. They’d ask Lily’s grandparents to watch her and then have a night out in town. They were also able to try out a good many places in Luxembourg and were never disappointed by the variety of local, French, Italian and other restaurants within reach. Then COVID-19 changed everything.

Sophie and Marc haven't had an evening to themselves since the restaurants closed. Since Lily isn’t exactly sleeping through the night, they’ve only managed to watch two films from start to finish in four months. It’s been the same story whenever they’ve had a sushi night—they’ve rarely had a chance to enjoy their meal without having to take turns rocking Lily back to sleep.

Lunch on a terrace—a hint of freedom

Sophie may typically be the tardy one, but today she’s very early. Is she worried someone will steal her table? Not a chance. She made the reservation online, specified which table she wanted and even got a confirmation e-mail.

It's such a novelty for her to be served again, and she and Marc couldn't have picked a better day. The weather is simply beautiful. It's a bit chilly, but with the sun beaming on their faces, these two lovebirds don't even notice that it's only 10 degrees out there!

The appetizer and main course were delicious, and now it's time for the dessert.

The last bite of tiramisu disappeared in record time, leaving Sophie's plate despondently devoid of dessert. Considering what a foodie she is, she’d have ordered another if she hadn't been sure to regret it right after.

Contactless payment on the terrace

It's time to pay for this delectable meal. Sophie pulls out her wallet, but Marc insists on treating her to apologise for the Pretzel Sunday incident. Plus, Marc gets a feeling of freedom every time he gets to pay with his iPhone. It's so fast and easy that he doesn't even have to take his payment cards with him when he goes out.

Here's how Marc activated Apple Pay on his iPhone:

1. Open the S-Net Mobile app

2. Select "Apple Pay" under "Settings"

3. Add your payment card

Now every time he forgets his card or wants to make a contactless payment, all Marc has to do is put his phone up to the payment terminal and that’s it! The transaction is secure via Face ID or Touch ID, two authentication methods that are replacing PIN entry.

What a wonderful lunch it was for Sophie and Marc! Now it will be just a few short hours finishing up at the office before they go pick up little Lily from school. They wouldn't readily admit it, but just thinking about it makes them miss her so much already!

Not sure where you can use Apple Pay? Look out for these symbols, to see if Apple Pay is available.