4th October 2021

Polestar – the prestigious electric vehicle is available at Spuerkeess!

With its Volvo-style look and its futuristic interior, the Polestar electric vehicle is coming to Luxembourg, to Marc's delight! He has dreamed of driving a Polestar for so long, and now his dream can come true.

Polestar quality – what can we say?

Polestar here, Polestar there, Polestar everywhere… Sophie has had enough of hearing Marc rave about this car, and she even wonders what it has that she doesn't...

After all, a car is just a means of getting from A to B, right? Maybe for Sophie, but not for Marc!

Scandinavian design

Both inside and out, the Polestar boasts the clean-cut Swedish design that Marc loves. He can't wait to touch the fabrics and finishes, which remind him of when he went with his best friend to buy a V60. How he was jealous!

The practical side

Is it only Marc who always seems to have less than 10% battery power left on his phone, especially when he needs it the most? In the Polestar, wireless fast charging means there is no need for a USB charging cable. Marc can simply place his smartphone on the dashboard charging pad, which will charge it wirelessly. That's handy, isn’t it?

Android operating system

What irritates Marc about fully-equipped cars is the built-in GPS, which has to be updated. That's right, Marc is not that bothered about taking care of his car. Between the time when a new update is released and the time he decides to buy it, let's just say that his GPS is never really up to date.

With the Polestar, there is no need to worry about all that. The car is fitted with Android, so Marc can use Google Maps wherever he is, as well as other apps he already relies on to avoid traffic jams. He can also log into his Google account and access all his favourite apps directly.

Harman Kardon speakers

Sound is a key feature of cars, right? And not just the engine noise – in this case, the Polestar is electric so it will be silent. The sound that counts for Marc is what comes from the speakers when he plays old songs from his wild days!

Sophie has always been embarrassed because Marc loves to play old tunes in the car with the windows wide open – otherwise what's the point?

Driving assistance – available under lease

Not only does the Polestar have a 360° camera and pixel LED headlamps, it also offers extra safety features with the Pilot Pack. Marc feels safe in this car, and he protects others too.

And since we're talking about safety, Marc has chosen to lease his Polestar. Which means that changing tyres, vehicle testing and other maintenance is included in the contract, so Marc doesn't have to worry about anything for the next five years.

Marc could choose between a contract over 3, 4 or 5 years , with up to 10.000, 20.000 or 30.000 km/year*.

From EUR 794/month


Can we trust the Polestar's range?

Oh yes! After charging for 30 minutes, Marc can get to:

The City of Lights
The City of Lights
His favourite football stadium
His favourite football stadium
The "Venice of the North"
The "Venice of the North"
Antwerp's diamond district
Antwerp's diamond district

Without worrying about his battery! And just in case, he has noted where he can charge his new car en route. You know Marc, he likes to be prepared, so he has an enodrive zen card from Enovos. The card is valid throughout Europe, so wherever he goes, he knows in advance where he can charge his battery.

In Luxembourg it's easy – Marc can charge his car almost anywhere and he has even spotted where the SuperChargy stations are located so he can charge his Polestar 2 even faster.

Tips to help the battery last longer:

  • Use the heating/air conditioning wisely
  • Reduce your average speed
  • Drive smoothly
  • Remove heavy items from the vehicle
  • Pre-cool or pre-heat your car while charging it
  • Check your tyre pressure regularly
  • Use the full capacity of your battery
  • Charge your car during your journey

Environmental factors such as wind speed, temperature and the road surface can affect the range of electric vehicles.

What about having a charging station at home?

Marc was wondering about this, and to find out more, he contacted his bank, which can help him throughout his energy transition, even for mobility solutions!

After meeting with his advisor, Marc had all the information he needed about the aids and subsidies he will be eligible for if he installs a charging station at home, as well as the deadline for applying and the supporting documents required. Isn't that cool?

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