13th September 2022

Luxembourg’s National Housing Week

Summer is not over yet and we are already anticipating autumn, the season during which nature can be seen in its full splendour when leaves are turning all shades of red, yellow and brown. During this time, homes are getting cosier, days shorter and temperatures lower. It seems that Sophie and Marc might have found the ideal season to start their plans for acquiring their very first own home.

Pacs, kids and your very own home

Already before their daughter’s birth, Sophie and Marc had been talking about finally taking the leap to getting their own home. Considering all the pictures they are taking of Lily, the walls might crumble with everything they are putting up! Since neither Sophie nor Marc have bought real estate yet, their experience level is near zero. Sophie is therefore wondering:

  • How can we set our budget without knowing the amount that we can borrow?
  • What form of housing loan is the right solution for our situation?
  • Are we eligible for housing subventions?
  • And which costs are awaiting us if we take up a loan?

So many questions…

If you have just as many of those as Sophie and Marc, you can get a first overview with answers to typical problems within the brochure “Housing Loan Guide”

Brochure "Guide to Housing Loans"

Brochure "Guide to Housing Loans"

Are you planning to build, buy or renovate/refurbish a home? Such a project is a considerable investment that requires careful preparation and a trustworthy financial partner. Depending on the nature of your project and on your personal situation, various financing solutions are open to you. Our advisors are at your disposal to develop, with you, a tailor-made financing plan perfectly suited to your needs.
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To change this, Sophie decides that she wants to get answers to at least some of her questions before taking any decisive steps. How fortunate that she remembers that the yearly National Housing Week (Semaine Nationale du Logement) is only a few weeks away – which leaves Marc not so happy. He was looking forward to enjoying his weekend at home, with some hot cocoa, snuggled up on the sofa - not spending the day at a local trade show.

First steps towards an own home during the Semaine Nationale du Logement

Held in parallel with the Home Expo between 6 and 9 October 2022 at LUXEXPO THE BOX, solutions for housing, construction, renovation, furnishing and decoration can be found all in one place. Representatives of banks, developers and other companies offer personalised advice, an overview of products and services and extra conditions on offers, loans and credits.

Even though Marc would prefer to stay at home, they decide that they want to see which tips, tricks and offers they can get, as tenants and possible future owners. Both are aware that buying a home in Luxembourg is not always easy, especially when considering the current state of the housing market and the financial aspects. Due to this, Sophie and Marc want to take all the time they need to prepare for yet another major change in their lives.

The National Housing Week gives them the opportunity to gather all the information they need, get replies to their most urgent questions and know what lies ahead.

Spuerkeess goes National Housing Week

Since they are both Spuerkeess customers, Sophie and Marc are happy to benefit from an advantageous housing loan for their project during the National Housing Week. They take advantage of this event to save time later on: already knowing just how much money they can get helps them to decide which houses fit into the budget.

Do you plan on building, buying or renovating a property? The story of your new home starts with us.
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