16th April 2020

How to make life easier during the COVID-19 period

As a result of the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Marc is working from home and Sophie has taken leave for family reasons in order to take care of their daughter Lily. These changes require both of them to adapt in order to find their rhythm at home. Here, they share their tips for managing this period as effectively and safely as possible.
Deux mains qui tendent une carte de paiement sans contact

Over the weekend, Marc does the grocery shopping for the family. Since his parents are especially at risk from the virus, Marc has offered to do their shopping for them and leave the bags in front of their door in order to avoid any dangerous contact. In order to protect himself and others, Marc wears a mask and gloves when going to the supermarket and pays with a contactless card or with Apple Pay.

Making payments safely

As a result of the pandemic, it is now possible to make payments of up to 50 euros using a contactless bank card, without having to enter the PIN. For higher amounts, Marc uses his smartphone and the Apple Pay app to pay without having to use payment terminals.

To pay Marc for their groceries in a safe manner, his parents have decided to install the Digicash app on their smartphone. Every week, they simply transfer him money using Digicash for the purchases he has made. It is true that a debt paid is a friend kept!

During the week, Marc works from home. After a short period of adaptation, he now enjoys working in a calm environment that does not require him to leave the house, while enjoying a break with his family at lunchtime.

Working from home effectively

In order to remain productive and concentrated on his professional tasks while in isolation, Marc has organised his desk and set up the necessary equipment: a computer with a reliable internet connection, the required software and a printer. He has chosen to maintain his normal working hours in order to keep his bearings

and be able to prepare properly for team meetings and calls with clients. Finally, he uses his lunch break to eat with his family and go for a short walk to get some fresh air and stretch his legs before going back to work.

As the couple wants to share responsibilities, Sophie will start working from home next week, while Marc will take paid family leave to take care of their daughter Lily.

In the meantime, Sophie oversees their finances during the lockdown period. Even though some branches remain open for appointments, Sophie prefers to stay at home and take advantage of the other solutions offered by Spuerkeess. Thanks to S-Net and S-Net Mobile, she can easily manage her family’s finances and pay bills in just a few clicks.

She also called the bank via Spuerkeess Direct in order to clarify the details of her pending loan application.

+352 4015-1 or spuerkeessdirect@spuerkeess.lu

Because it is important to them to stay in contact with their friends and family during the lockdown period, Sophie and Marc spend their evenings at home calling and catching up with them. Their niece proudly told them that she had studied for all her classes and finished all the homework that her teachers had emailed her over the past few weeks. Her parents helped her with her maths lessons, which are sometimes challenging for her. Now, she is on her Easter holidays and can enjoy all sorts of fun and creative activities at home.

And she, too, knows that by staying at home, she can save lives.