17th September 2018

Furniture Festival: take advantage of the Prêt Plus special rate

Autumn started today and you have probably already noticed the fresh autumn colors in all the furniture shops. This is the perfect time to check on the Furniture Festival and take advantage of the special terms on your personal loan!

Don’t miss out on the special terms

Do your kids need a new desk? Has your sofa had its day? Or do you just want to freshen up your decor? In that case, don't miss out on the Furniture Festival!

Why now?

A double deal: you benefit from great terms in the furniture stores and enjoy Spuerkeess’s special Prêt Plus rate. From now on and until 26 October 2018, get special terms on your Prêt Plus loan! All Zebra Premium account holders receive the special rate of 1.99% and pay no handling fee. 

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Autumn is in the air

So, what’s new in terms of decoration and furnishings? Although trends change over the seasons and years, some of them, like the Scandinavian style, the timeless industrial style and the rattan furniture of last year’s trend, are still up to date.

This year, the major trends are herbariums, caning, macramé, as well as Art Deco. Nothing like floral patterns and plants to brighten up a gloomy kitchen. In terms of materials, velvet and terrazzo are back on the scene. Much to Sophie's delight because they adapt perfectly to the seasons and different environments. Furthermore, this fascination for craftsmanship and naturalness highlights the durability and authenticity of objects, encouraging people to rethink their consumption habits.

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But ultimately, regardless of the trends, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your home. After all, kitten wallpaper is fun. Isn't that right, Sophie?

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