9th June 2020

Banking made easy with the LuxTrust token

Usually, things tend to break or disappear at the most inconvenient time. Which is exactly what happened to Marc during the pandemic: his LuxTrust token has stopped working. What now? If you are experiencing problems with your LuxTrust token, or if you simply don’t have one yet, keep on reading.

LuxTrust token – what is it?

LuxTrust products were developed to meet the security needs of online users, namely, to avoid identity theft and guarantee the integrity of the exchanged data during online transactions. Which is exactly what Marc uses it for. The token is proof of his digital identity, that he uses for online activities, such as bank transfers via S-Net web or mobile banking, or to electronically sign his tax return on MyGuichet.lu.

If your schedule is so hectic, that you usually prefer to do all of these transactions while on the run, LuxTrust also offers a mobile solution. Benefit from the free LuxTrust Mobile app to enjoy their services without having your token on you.

Because of the current situation, he prefers to leave the house only for grocery shopping or urgent matters. This also means that now, more than ever, Marc is relying upon digital solutions on a daily basis for most of his private or professional transactions. And that is why he doesn’t want to wait until after the lockdown has been lifted in Luxembourg to have his token exchanged.

Your token has stopped working? No problem!

Common examples of issues:

  • an empty battery
  • a broken token
  • a lost token
  • a stolen token
  • an expired LuxTrust certificate

For once, Marc and Sophie’s dog Philly wasn’t responsible for the early demise of Marc’s token.

After having called Spuerkeess Direct to identify the problem, an advisor has fixed an appointment for Marc to visit the closest Spuerkeess branch to get a new token. Of course, all while respecting the State recommended safety measures. Since, in this case, the token stopped working due to an empty battery, the replacement was free of charge.

If he had been a vulnerable or elderly person and would not have been able to go to an appointment, a different approach could have been adopted and Spuerkeess could have sent him a new token home. If you are in this situation, do not hesitate to contact the Spuerkeess Direct team for further help.

The same applies if you don’t have a token yet, but absolutely want to acquire one to make your online transactions easier. Your first token will be free of charge and has a valid 3-year-certificate. The renewal of this token’s certificate every 3 years is also for free, all this directly in S-Net. Our advisors are there to help you with your request. Sometimes, it’s just as easy as that.