27th August 2019

wedo.lu – a digital platform for craftsmanship in Luxembourg

Are you considering installing new parquet flooring? Or perhaps you are looking for a caterer for your wedding? wedo.lu can help you find tradespeople and request a quote, thanks to a register of local craftsmen brought together on a single website.

How does it work?

Luxembourg’s Federation of Craftsmen (Fédération des Artisans) has launched a multilingual website (FR, EN, DE) enabling you to find the ideal partner to make your plans a success. This initiative is designed to make the process of requesting services easier for you.

The aim of wedo.lu is to bring together all the services proposed by Luxembourg’s craftsmen on a single platform. You no longer need to spend weeks contacting suppliers and waiting for quotations, because with wedo.lu, you have the following options:

  • publish your own request for a quote
  • contact companies directly using the contact details available on the website
  • craftsmen can view requests and contact you to arrange an appointment and provide a quote

Using the website will help to ensure your requests are dealt with more quickly.

Publishing a request for a quote via the platform couldn’t be simpler!

All you need to do is describe the project, the region and the desired start date. With the possibility of adding photos and documents, explaining your project is made as straightforward as possible. Once your enquiry has been published, interested companies can contact you with specific proposals.

If you prefer personal contact, feel free to contact the craftsmen directly. Just like in the Yellow Pages, the various companies are grouped by business sector: construction, food, communication, and so on. You can view all of the available categories here.

wedo.lu for consumers:

  • Yellow Pages: all the professions and activities you could need in one place
  • Quote: publish your quotation requests if you wish to be contacted by various companies

Luxembourg’s craftsmen benefitting from digital technology

wedo.lu is based on a cooperative approach to business. Every member company of the Federation is entitled to register on the website. So far, more than 3.000 companies have taken advantage of this opportunity, guaranteeing them a digital presence and online visibility. Additionally, by using the “Webbuilder” function, each company can create its own website and thus improve its digital marketing visibility in Luxembourg.

wedo.lu for craftsmen:

  • Yellow Pages: A record in which members of the Federation of Craftsmen can register free of charge
  • Quotation: Easily find quotation requests submitted by customers within your particular area of expertise
  • Webbuilder: Create your own landing page and website
Spuerkeess and wedo.lu have partnered to promote the benefits of digital technology among consumers and craftsmen, and to help strengthen the bank’s position with freelancers, SMEs and major firms.
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