26th April 2021

Tageblatt and Le Quotidien, two newspapers, 100% free for the student in you!

Did you know that all the info is now available free of charge for all students? No, it’s not a late April Fool’s Day joke! The two newspapers Tageblatt and Le Quotidien, with their partners Spuerkeess, Tango and Lalux Assurances, are now offering all students a free subscription to all their articles online. Here’s why you should definitely sign up!

1. Your vocabulary will improve

So German and/or French isn’t your strong point? There’s nothing like familiarising yourself with interesting reading material to give your vocabulary a little boost. Immersing yourself in reading material in a foreign language allows you to learn expressions that you may not have known before. This way, you will become more fluent in the language.

The free offer is valid for a subscription to the following newspapers:

Tageblatt.lu Read the news in German!

Normal price: EUR 9,90/month

Student rate: Free with Spuerkeess

LeQuotidien.lu Read the news in French!

Normal price: EUR 9,90/month

Student rate: Free with Spuerkeess

2. You won’t miss out on any more news

From simple news items, to international news and political or economic news, to the results of your sports teams: you are spoilt for choice when it comes to the articles you want to read. There’s new information every day on a whole range of interesting subjects...it would be such a shame to miss it, don’t you think?

And you can be sure, when it comes to exam time, that an essay subject will come up that deals with current events. So there’s nothing better than keeping yourself informed, because when you read, you learn.

3. Stay up to date on the go

Did we tell you that the newspapers are available online? With your subscription, you can read the news anywhere you go, on your smartphone or your tablet. Eating your breakfast, on your way to class - on the train, on the bus (or in the car, as long as it’s not you who’s driving 😉 ), in the park during your break, or even in the evening when you’re multi-screening (yes, be assured we all do it!).

Who would say no to:

free subscription,

interesting articles to read in German and French,

- a good reason to use your smartphone?