24th January 2019

On the road in an oldtimer – a real pleasure drive!

Close your eyes. You are driving along winding roads under the hot Tuscan sun in an Aston Martin DB5. OK. So you're not James Bond, but you're allowed to daydream, right? In Luxembourg, the market for old vehicles is huge and, for some, driving around in a Bugatti is not just a fantasy.

Oldtimer: a definition

As of 1 February 2016, the "historic road vehicle" status is bestowed upon any vehicle (whether a car, bus, tractor, motorbike or lorry) that fulfils the following conditions:

  • initial launch of the vehicle took place 30 years ago or more;
  • the vehicle type is no longer in production;
  • the vehicle has been kept in its original state, with no essential change made to its primary components.
Luxembourg is currently home to 20.243 classified vehicles, 10.073 of which are cars.
Numbers from SNCA on 31.12.2018

The Lëtzebuerger Oldtimer Federatioun asbl (LOF) represents the affiliated societies of historic vehicle collectors. It strives to protect, preserve and promote old vehicles, in both legal and cultural contexts. The LOF also guarantees the national authority of the Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens (FIVA).

Yesterday's vehicles on tomorrow's roads

Hilaire Schneider, President of the LOF, explains: "We have two objectives: to share our passion for vintage vehicles, and to continue to defend the right to use historic vehicles on our roads, in line with the FIVA slogan: ‘Yesterday’s vehicles on Tomorrow’s roads’.

In order to bring together all historic vehicle players and amateurs, we organise monthly and annual events that are now relatively well known, such as the Autojumble (9-10 March 2019), the Oldtimerbreakfast (every third Sunday from April to October) and the Oldtimerday (21-22 September 2019)."

Classic vehicles are part of our heritage, reflecting the cultural, technical and industrial changes that took place in the 20th century.
Hilaire Schneider - President of the LOF

Vintage vehicle upkeep

The best thing you can do for your historic vehicle is to drive it around! Take it out of your garage on a regular basis, whether in summer or in winter. Make sure you clean your car properly when weather conditions are damp or cold, as this helps protect the body and chassis from rust. Once your car is clean, apply a good quality polish to remove any rust and finish off with a protecting product, such as wax. Several cleaning products are available that are geared specifically towards vintage vehicles.

If you prefer to keep your vehicle indoors during the winter months, cover it with a protective tarp in a garage with a stable temperature. To protect the tyres, you can put your car on jack stands.

Oldtimers: a good investment?

Although the classic vehicle market has slowed down these past few years, it remains thriving for exceptional models. While some legendary cars that marked their time, like the Porsche 911 or the Ferrari Testarossa, are safe bets, the oldtimer market remains buoyant with a wide variety of prices to suit all budgets.

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