12th February 2021

Love is in the car!

Has a little tune suddenly started going round in your head as Valentine’s Day approaches... “Love is in the air, everywhere I look around ...”? Has your mailbox already been inundated with countless offers of “that special something”, “the love collection” or “say it with love”? Whether or not you think the day has become commercialised, Cupid’s arrows aren’t far away, so you might as well join in for just one day and let yourself be surprised, or not, by your secret admirer.

Ever since you had the brakes on your car replaced, you can’t seem to forget what the salesperson said as your gaze fell on the magnificent Mercedes taking pride of place in the showroom. His words were: “Everything is included”. And as your birthday, your 20th wedding anniversary and Valentine’s Day approach, there is still time for that special person to score some points. So let’s go back to the showroom to find out more!

The Mercedes is still on display and seems to be calling to you. Having given you a bit more information, the salesperson offers you a brochure to take home. Who knows? Maybe over the weekend you’ll have a chance to test the waters with your Valentine?

A substantial bill, when you’re not expecting it, takes a while to digest. Fortunately, the brochure provided by the showroom states that with Lease Plus, you don’t need to worry about the car’s maintenance or repair. If your Valentine knew what was going through your mind right now, he’d regret not having gone to change those wretched brakes himself!

Four things drivers tell themselves that are wrong!

1. Having a car makes it easier to be organised

When you think about it, having a car requires organisation. You need to arrange periodic technical inspections, change the tyres in winter and summer... You’ll know all about that as the owner of a vehicle, but isn’t it the same story every time?

Forgetting about it, finding the time, waiting until the end of the month to pay for unexpected repairs... This was the case before Lease Plus, but now another solution exists. 

The only thing you still have to remember is to fill the tank! No more time wasted on garage appointments and extra car maintenance expenses – with Lease Plus, it’s all included.

What's more, you can even choose to exchange your vehicle every three years, since your Lease Plus contract lasts up to five years and can then be renewed. And new contract means new car! 

2. I am an experienced driver, so I don't need damage cover

Your insurance hasn’t changed for years because you’re an expert driver and have the best bonus-malus level. Looking back to your first minor collisions, they may seem a long time ago and a thing of the past. But don’t forget that an accident can happen at any time and with a new car, prevention is better than cure. Minor scratches can cost an arm and a leg if you don’t have comprehensive insurance.

Fortunately, Lease Plus has thought of everything to make your life easier, which is why damage cover is included. So all you need to do is choose the right car for you and your family out of all the top models on display in dealerships.

3. I am leasing a car, so I’m paying more

There is a very common misconception when talking about leasing, that “leasing is just marketing – we’re made to believe it's a good deal but we lose out at every step”. That idea is wrong, however, because it all depends on several criteria that need to be taken into account before ruling out the leasing option.

Your annual mileage, the time spent on periodic technical inspections, servicing and replacing tyres, as well as the annual budget allocated to vehicle maintenance – all these have an important role to play in reaching your decision.

A leasing example

The Mercedes A250e you spotted in the dealership had an advertised sale price of EUR 37.765*.

Over five years, leasing this car would cost EUR 630 per month for 60 months at 15.000 km.

All is included:

  • Servicing and repair
  • Tyres (winter + summer)
  • Monthly tyre storage
  • Insurance (third-party liability + damage)
  • Vehicle tax

And furthermore:

  • Vehicle management (buying and selling)
  • Management of servicing and maintenance appointments
  • Claims management in the event of an accident
  • Resale risk
  • Roadside assistance
  • Replacement car (if the vehicle cannot be used for more than 24 hours)
  • Pick-up service (the vehicle is collected for servicing and maintenance appointments from a place of your choice)
  • Extension of the manufacturer’s warranty (throughout the length of the contract)
* Average market price taken from: https://www.adac.de

In addition, when you decide to change your car, with Lease Plus you don’t have to worry about whether your vehicle has fallen in value, as you would with a normal sale. Just tell us you would like to change and we will make you a new proposal for the vehicle of your choice.

4. My mileage is very low, so I’m green

Green driving mainly depends on your car’s consumption. It is impossible to reduce your environmental impact by trying to drive in an ecological way in a high-emissions vehicle with fuel consumption of more than 10 litres per 100 km. The most responsible thing you can do is choose a greener car.

Lease Plus allows you to benefit from the government allowance of EUR 8.000 for an electric car and EUR 2.500 for a hybrid. You are a real winner every step of the way!

Leasing is tailored to you

Contrary to what is often heard of, leasing is not only for the self-employed and company bosses. It is simply a solution meeting the needs of those who want to invest their time in something other than maintaining their car, as well as those who want to avoid receiving unexpected bills for anything vehicle-related, as you might have experienced not so long ago.

All that talk about the latest bill for brakes is ancient history! With Lease Plus, you’ll no longer have any reason to postpone a romantic break. You can even set your sights on more far-flung destinations, because there’s nothing better than travelling in a fully equipped car that still smells of new leather!