22nd January 2021

Looking for his very first car!

Your child is about to turn 18 - it’s hard to believe he is an adult now! It seems like just yesterday that you held him in your arms for the first time, but that already was 18 years ago. Time really does fly! The only thing that matters for him at the moment is to pass his driving licence and buy his first car.

What about surprising your teen by buying him his first car?

“When you love, you don't count the cost," so the saying goes. That may be true in theory, but in practice things are a bit more complicated. Are you hesitating between simply buying your teenager his or her first car or getting him or her to contribute to financing it? Then you are n the right place - read on for some helpful advice!

Where should you start when buying a first car?

1. Choose the car

The best way to find out about the makes and models of cars is to visit garages, dealers and manufacturers. This will give you an idea of market prices and provide a direct contact when the time comes to make the purchase. Are you looking for a new or used car? Do you want a basic car or one with a bigger engine? Do you want a small city car or a larger model equipped with parking sensors to make parking easier? You need to consider all these aspects, and it’s best to get advice from experts.

Once you have chosen the car, it’s time to think about how to pay for it.

2. Set your budget

Whether you are a student, a young worker or a parent, it’s important to decide how much you want to monthly invest for the car. Of course, your budget must take into account your income or available savings.

Do you want to dip into your savings or borrow the money from a bank? In both cases, do your sums first to ensure you find the best solution.

What are the options?

3. Find out more from your bank

It is always useful to have savings in case of an emergency. And it makes sense to think that if you have the money available, it’s best to pay for the car in a lump sum. But when buying a car, it’s important to consider the financing options available.

A new or used car? Financing it couldn’t be easier!

Personal loan

Whether it is brand new or used, the car of your dreams can be yours.

  • From EUR 5.000
  • Fixed monthly instalments
  • 12 - 60 months


Reduced interest rate for borrowers under 30 and Zebra Premium account holders

Why not choose an ALL-INCLUSIVE solution? Leasing makes life easier!

Lease Plus

A brand new car with the latest technology and all administrative aspects taken care of - a stress-free solution!


  • Insurance included (third-party liability + material damage “Casco”)
  • Maintenance and tyres (summer and winter tyres + storage) included
  • Repairs included
  • No resale risk
  • ACL breakdown assistance included

Let’s go green! Save money by saving energy!


Your purchase of an electric car is rewarded with particularly advantageous financing!

- From EUR 5.000 to EUR 100.000

- For up to 60 months

- No mortgage registration

Advantage(s) :

  • An attractive interest rate
  • No handling fee

4. Drive with full peace of mind

Whether your first car is new or used, it is always better to be well insured. A scrape when parking or a collision while distracted don’t always happen to others. It’s important to have good insurance cover and breakdown assistance you can rely on if you need it.

The Lease Plus offer includes insurance and ACL breakdown assistance. If you take out a personal loan, you choose your insurer, the level of cover and whether to take out ACL breakdown assistance.

With the Axxess card, your child can enjoy benefits for young drivers up to age 30, so he can have peace of mind when driving:

5. What’s next?

Have you made your choice? Now all you have to do is organise a surprise so you can give your teen the keys to his new car. How about a birthday party with a photographer to capture your child’s face when he gets his present?

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