6th July 2018

The uni adventure begins: don’t forget the CEDIES loan!

Exams are finally over! Now, it’s time to take advantage of your hard-earned holiday, but before you unplug, there is one small matter to tend to: your student loan application!

Eligibility criteria

If you wish to go to university, you can apply for the CEDIES financial assistance for students. They are granted in form of a student scholarship and a student loan. You can choose to take the scholarship without taking the loan but not the other way around! You can receive financial assistance if:

  • you are a Luxembourg national
  • or one of your parents has worked in Luxembourg for at least 5 years

What are the annual financial aid amounts?

The global scholarship granted by CEDIES consists of four scholarship categories. The total amount you can obtain depends on your personal situation. The categories are as follows:

  • Basic scholarship: €2.000
  • Mobility scholarship (if you are studying abroad and paying rent): €2.450
  • Family scholarship (if other children from the same household are enrolled in university): €500
  • Scholarship based on social criteria (criteria linked to taxable income): €0-3.800
  • Student loan: €6.500 at a 2% rate maximum
  • Enrolment fees are reimbursed up to €3.700. You will receive half in the form of a loan and the other half in the form of a scholarship.
You're granted a scholarship for the official duration of the degree cycle plus a one-year bonus (2 semesters)!

However, you must demonstrate progress during the first degree cycle, otherwise financial aid may be denied. Because the grant is paid in two instalments, you must submit a grant request each semester, even if you are enrolled annually. The deadlines are 30 November for the winter semester and 30 April for the summer semester. If you miss them, you won't receive the grant!

How do I apply for the CEDIES scholarship?

You can complete your application online at guichet.lu. It’s fast and easy and you're guided step by step through the procedure!

Plus you can submit your application 24/7... so there are no excuses for missing the deadline.

All you need is a Luxtrust certificate to log in to guichet.lu and create a personal account. You don’t have a Luxtrust certificate? No problem! Just call your bank and they will take the necessary steps.

On guichet.lu, you're given a list of the documents you need to attach to your application, which is dependent on your personal situation. Once your application has been submitted, you will receive a letter of approval.

How do you get the CEDIES loan from your bank?

Just go to a Spuerkeess branch with your letter of approval. The bank will issue you a loan for up to €6.500 at a maximum rate of 2%. Two years after you complete or terminate your studies, you can begin paying back your student loan during a maximum period of 10 years.

Axxess Study: nothing but advantages

Once you’re at the branch for your loan, Spuerkeess will offer you the Axxess Study package, which is free until age 30! You can receive 1 Axxess debit card and up to 2 credit cards free of charge.

You also benefit from a favourable tariff for your rent payment guarantee and lots of discounts from our Axxess partners.

Other plus point: while waiting for your loan to be agreed, you can obtain a maximum advance of EUR 2.500 at 0% interest!  Moreover, if the government financial aid mechanisms are not sufficient or if your studies are not subsidised by the government, you can take advantage of the Unif loan, which is a supplemental loan. The amount can be disbursed in a lump sum or in half-yearly instalments, which you can start paying back two years after you finished studying.

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