20th May 2019

KidsBox is a go!

KidsBox is a new way to consume products using a circular economy approach. Designed for parents and children aged 0 to 6, the service aims to reduce our tendency to buy, use and throw away—particularly when it comes to children’s toys. Users can subscribe for however many months they wish (ranging from 1 to 12 months). For each month subscribed, they receive a KidsBox with three educational, eco-friendly toys, manufactured using sustainable, environmentally responsible processes. All toys are provided on LOAN.

What do you get with KidsBox?

The three toys have some relation to the theme chosen on the eShop but are otherwise a mystery, to avoid spoiling the surprise for children and their parents. A few days before the end of the month, parents receive an SMS indicating that they have a few days left to enjoy their KidsBox before depositing it in the nearest DPD drop-off box, with the return label affixed. Two-way delivery is completely free of charge.

KidsBox is for parents who feel out of step with traditional consumption patterns, prioritise enjoyment over ownership, and seek to get rid of clutter—or, more accurately, to get all the toys out of their home, without having to throw them away.

The service is also perfect for grandparents looking for educational, age-appropriate toys for grandchildren who only come to visit a few times a year.

KidsBox is also designed for CSR-oriented companies that want to continue on a responsible, sustainable path for their employees, by sending gifts to their children for New Year’s or to celebrate a new birth. This type of “Gift Box” can also be given for a birthday—after all, what parent has never balked at the idea of inviting 15 children to a party and receiving 15 separate gifts!

The KidsBox gift certificate is valid for six months, so your child can use it at the appropriate time.

KidsBox will help transform us from a society of waste into an economy that contributes a thoroughly positive impact, both for the economy in general and for household finances in particular. This same contribution will be felt in the environment (as the service re-uses materials and consumes fewer resources) as well as society as a whole, as we move toward a more sustainable, sharing-based economy, instead of an economy based on ownership and mass consumption.

When did you get started and what was nyuko’s role?

The idea came to me in part when I saw the mountain of toys that my son had accumulated, toys that he hardly ever played with and/or grew bored of quickly as he got older. I was also inspired by two economics articles that I read, one on subscription box businesses, and another on new consumption patterns that were more focused on renting and sharing than purchasing and owning. So I combined all three observations, and the result was KidsBox!

I mulled over the “how” and the “why” of the idea for nearly a year before I went to nyuko to get a clearer picture—not for the business plan, since I studied finance in school, but more for the practical side of things. I needed to identify the strengths and weaknesses, share ideas with other entrepreneurs, and draw on their knowledge of the local market and the various players I could turn to.

Is KidsBox going to evolve further?

The “Kids” family provides a whole range of complementary solutions and keeps on evolving. KidsAgenda for instance offers ideas for children activities in Luxembourg and KidsBlog offers recommendations for travel, museums and restaurants, with accompanying photos!

Moreover, I am working on a birth list allowing people to collect money and once the list is closed, the receiving child gets a KidsBox for a certain amount of months. The same thing goes for birthdays: instead of bringing loads of gifts, each participant contributes an amount of money on the KidsBox website and per 25 euros, the birthday child gets their KidsBox.

I am also constantly thinking about new opportunities and ways to make KidsBox evolve…all of this next to my main job and role as mom! Like KidsBox on Facebook and stay tuned for more news.

Nyuko has signed a partnership with Spuerkeess, in order to foster entrepreneurial spirit and strengthening the bank's position with company founders from the start of their businesses. More info in our article: https://www.spuerkeess.lu/en/blog/experts-corner/nyuko-fostering-entrepreneurial-spirit/.