29th April 2019

Elegant shoes that don't leave a footprint

This is 21st century style according to BLANLAC, a Luxembourg start-up that draws on Italian excellence to combine quality, beauty, craftsmanship, sustainable development and ethical principles. BLANLAC is an initiative founded with passion by Lydia Leu-Sarritzu. The brand was launched in 2018 with an initial collection striving for timelessness, far from the ephemeral nature of passing fashions, cultivating a classic and always elegant style.

A work and life philosophy

As so often happens, the idea started with a personal rule: to wear beautiful shoes of high quality, and above all with no parts of animal origin. The company's approach to production is driven on several levels by a culture of respect for animals. The entire footwear range is composed of innovative and environmentally-responsible materials, such as carbon-neutral eco nappa, obtained from residues from cereal production not intended for food use and from vegetable tissues with no environmental impact. The materials are the result of continuous ethical and technological research, ensuring waterproof and breathable footwear and approved anti-bacterial internal linings.

BLANLAC shoes are comfortable and elegant, but also resistant.

Its creations are refined and easy to wear. The brand has also adopted simple habits, such as using recycled paper for its boxes, packaging and certificates of quality.

BLANLAC values and promotes tradition and workmanship: “We have the great privilege of collaborating with craftsmen who seek to produce beautiful objects with strong creative content.

And who better to create stilettos than the Italians? The nation's excellence in the artisan industry is a value to be cherished in this era of fast fashion, a significant source of relocation and disregard for manual work carried out by individuals. Paying tribute to craftsmanship also means understanding that creating shoes takes time.”

BLANLAC and Luxembourg

Whilst many brands in the sector pride themselves on associating their names with fashion capitals, it was entirely natural for BLANLAC's founder to decide to create the first house of vegan shoes in the Grand Duchy. Given Luxembourg's favourable environment for start-ups, BLANLAC completed the Impuls support course with the business incubator Nyuko.

More specifically, the creative process takes place in Luxembourg. Here, the initial sketches and hand drawings are produced, before serving as guides throughout the production phase in Italy. Samples and prototypes are studied and improved on-site, alongside operations such as site management, logistics, communications and customer service.

Being a Luxembourg company is part of our identity – some customers are even surprised by this fact when they discover us, and admit that it has a certain charm.

BLANLAC aims for innovation and was one of the pioneers of the online shopping platform Lëtzshop, which offers exposure for Luxembourg brands in order to promote local purchasing.

Ethical fashion

The founder's commitment to animal welfare is another attractive element. She was the first to publicly propose the 'ethically in style' creed, and has already donated part of the company's profits to animal protection organisations, particularly Give Us A Voice, an association that aims to help animals in distress.

“We strive to create and choose models with pure lines, timeless shapes and silhouettes that evoke true femininity. A certain target audience has discovered our footwear designs and expressed their enthusiasm to us.

The entire art of BLANLAC involves enhancing everyday accessories with quality, beauty and pleasure of use, while remaining conscious of the need to consume better, more ethically and more generously.”

BLANLAC currently offers timeless pumps, ranging from kitten heels to 10 cm stilettos.

New designs will eventually be added to the collection, including a men's range and a line of leather accessories.

Nyuko has signed a partnership with Spuerkeess, in order to foster entrepreneurial spirit and strengthening the bank's position with company founders from the start of their businesses. More info in our article: https://www.spuerkeess.lu/en/blog/experts-corner/nyuko-fostering-entrepreneurial-spirit/.