21st June 2019

Eataliano - from Italy with love

Eataliano is the first Online Shop for Italian Specialities in Luxembourg, created and run by Roberto Petrarulo and Tom Zigrand. Their idea is simple - Eataliano is all about Authentic Italian Food.

What's the idea behind Eataliano?

Let us take you back to 2018. An Italian (Roberto) and a Luxembourger (Tom), who both love (and probably ate too much) Italian food, decided to do something with that passion. The idea behind Eataliano was born. They started meeting with food producers in Basilicata (in the South of Italy) where Roberto comes from. In search of small artisans who produce tasty and high-quality products they eventually found what they were looking for: Authentic Italian Food!

Today, Eataliano is the first Online Italian Speciality Shop in Luxembourg. We built our company on the fundamental principle of transparency. This means that we do not work with distributors or intermediaries but instead purchase directly from producers in Italy. Additionally, Eataliano not only promotes real Italian food, but also tells and visualises the story behind each product and each producer. All of this creates a unique connection between our customers and our producers, something that has mostly disappeared in today's age of industrial mass production.

What major challenges did you encounter and what was nyuko's role in your development?

As with everything, there is always a first time. We created Eataliano without having any educational or practical experience in the food business, in logistics, design or website coding.

But with the right mindset, and some help from nyuko and other friends, almost everything becomes possible. And actually, right from the start, Nyuko was involved! We participated in their “Garage Band” trainings and workshops, focussing on e-commerce, company setup, legal considerations and marketing strategies. But the best part about our relationship with nyuko is that we, still today, meet and keep in touch with their supportive and creative crowd. This not only means event invitations and networking opportunities but also a general open ear for any challenges we encounter.

What would you recommend entrepreneurs (in the food business)?

Speaking about challenges, creating an efficient solution for the logistics between Italy and Luxembourg was especially tricky. Remember that we don’t work with distributors, meaning we need to have a transport solution for every single producer to get their products to Luxembourg.
Secondly, we needed a functional (and good-looking) e-commerce website. And sure, if you listen to the commercials, this is super-easy. But when you get down to creating an original and distinguishable website with exactly those features you need, the complexity starts. We solved this issue through a great collaboration with a graphic design studio and strong support from an experienced web developer.
The final challenge, and this applies to every online business, is the realisation that all work counts for nothing if you don’t sell. Imagine spending night and day, for weeks or months, on getting your business setup and on finding solutions to all the problems you encountered on the way. Finally, you are ready to launch - you press the button and your e-shop goes live. The whole world is invited to visit - and what happens? Well not much. No (or few) visitors, no checkouts, no street parade. And the reason is simple. You underestimated the importance of marketing!

But this is not the moment to lose your enthusiasm. Creating a business takes time, requires continuous efforts on all fronts and especially on the sales side. And above all, creating and growing a business requires a positive mindset. While you can’t stop thinking about the summit, don’t forget that it takes time to get up there. We learned and are still learning these lessons every day.

We, and especially our customers, love and support our idea. And that’s more than enough to keep us going!

Nyuko has signed a partnership with Spuerkeess, in order to foster entrepreneurial spirit and strengthening the bank's position with company founders from the start of their businesses. More info in our article: https://www.spuerkeess.lu/en/blog/experts-corner/nyuko-fostering-entrepreneurial-spirit/.