14th November 2022

FlexiPlan: flexible leasing with all services included, from 1 to 24 months

Electric vehicles, hydrogen cars, combustion engines? The crises of the last two years have raised a number of questions about the auto market. Long delivery deadlines and the desire to optimise car use are requiring new solutions. Spuerkeess is now offering LeasePlan’s FlexiPlan leasing option: flexible leasing at a fixed cost! Emir Mustafic explains how it works, and the benefits of leasing.

What do I do if I only need a car for a few months?

And what if the delivery of my new car is delayed?

What if I have to return my car earlier than planned?

What happens if I have a car accident and the car I want isn’t in stock?

What if I’m not sure about the type of my future car in these uncertain times?

These are just a few of the questions that our Lease Plus clients are asking themselves at a time when not only are delivery times very long, but we are also seeing a shift in mindset when it comes to mobility.

FlexiPlan can provide an answer to your questions.

Emir, who can benefit from FlexiPlan?

FlexiPlan is a solution that is exclusively available to all Spuerkeess Lease Plus customers, both existing and new Lease Plus customers.

Can you tell us about the principal benefits?

  • All-inclusive leasing
  • High level of flexibility with free return at any time
  • A smooth transition to mobility facilitated by leasing
  • Attractive pricing
  • Fast delivery (within 48h)
  • Guaranteed mobility with 24/7 roadside assistance and replacement vehicle

Can you give us a few examples of how FlexiPlan might be used?

Recently, a London-based expat client took out a Lease Plus contract. The delivery deadline for his new car had been given as October 2023! With FlexiPlan, the client, who was very satisfied, was able to drive to London in a Mercedes van to do his move. On his return to Luxembourg, he will choose a more suitable city car while he waits for the delivery of his new lease car, simply by taking out a new FlexiPlan contract.

Another client, a US expat, has just ordered a Tesla with a delivery deadline of several months! She opted for a FlexiPlan lease, so that she could be mobile as soon as she arrived in Luxembourg.

Finally, we have a client for whom FlexiPlan saved his family holiday: 3 days before departure he was involved in a car accident. Thankfully nobody was hurt - only the car! He contacted us and thanks to FlexiPlan, a vehicle was delivered to him within 48 hours so he could travel. We were delighted to receive a postcard from Italy!

With current delivery deadlines, it could happen that when I order my new lease car (normally 6 months before the end of the contract), this car will not be available on time. FlexiPlan is the ideal solution; its flexibility allows you to switch to the new car as soon as it is delivered, as there is no penalty for early termination.

Can you give us an example of the cost?

The price for a category A car (e.g. a Seat Ibiza) is EUR 24,50 net per day (based on a lease term of at least 30 days) i.e. EUR 731 per month. A category G car (e.g. a BMW 5 series) would cost EUR 43 net per day (based on a lease term of at least 30 days), i.e. EUR 1.281 per month, calculated on a usage rate of 3.000 km per month.

Disclaimer : Prices and availability are subject to change.

Can you summarise the offering for us?

FlexiPlan is a flexible leasing plan, with all services included, at a fixed cost, for a term of between 1 and 24 months.

Whether you need a vehicle immediately for a short period, or until the delivery of your new long-term lease car,

FlexiPlan is the ideal solution for you. It’s a full-service vehicle leasing contract for a term of between 1 and 24 months.

The offering includes:

  • leasing with all services included, plus insurance, repairs, maintenance, road tax and tyres;
  • roadside assistance and a replacement vehicle;
  • a contract term of between 1 and 24 months;
  • no early termination penalty;
  • a wide range of fully equipped vehicles available immediately (max. 48 hours).

Whom should I contact if I’m interested in leasing with FlexiPlan?

For any questions about this new package, please contact Emir by phone on (+352) 4015 6105, or by e-mail at e.mustafic@spuerkeess.lu