8th February 2018

Electric cars, classic or plug-in hybrids

Electric cars, classic or plug-in hybrids: what is the real demand for this type of vehicle and what role do the tax rebates play in this context? During the Autofestival, we talked with Marc Devillet, Chief Executive Officer of Autopolis, about current trends on the automotive market as well as attractive financing solutions.

Electric cars, gas or diesel...what are the current trends on the Luxembourg market?

At present, we clearly see greater demand for gasoline-powered cars. This change is probably due to the thought process or awareness of consumers with respect to their vehicle usage and lifestyle.

Sales of purely electric vehicles are still relatively low and represent around 3% of our sales

However, demand for hybrid vehicles is significantly on the rise. Our salespeople have received special training on the different types of engines, in order to better advise customers who are interested in these cars, as well as pinpoint their needs better and propose suitable models to them.

Do customers who think of buying an electric or hybrid car inquire about the tax rebates of €5.000/€2.500 or other attractive financing possibilities?

Most hybrid vehicles we offer are relatively costly, and although the tax rebates are a significant advantage, this type of purchase is based mainly on a choice made by the consumer. However, we regularly receive this type of question. As mentioned before, our team members have been trained to answer all these questions.

What are the advantages for customers to buy a vehicle during the Autofestival?

The Autofestival is the main automotive event in Luxembourg and is a real tradition. It is during this period of time that brands offer the biggest discounts and we make our biggest sales of the year.

The Autofestival is not only synonymous with special conditions on the various brands and models, but it also offers an attractive package for purchasing a vehicle. Insurance providers make efforts, and financial institutions in particular offer extremely favourable special rates and conditions for obtaining personal loans.

In order to promote zero-emission vehicles, certain banks, notably Spuerkeess, even offer additional reductions in the base rate, which can provide further incentive to purchase this type of vehicle.

The Autofestival is the main automotive event in Luxembourg and is a real tradition.
Marc Devillet, Chief Executive Officer of Autopolis

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