Prepare for your children’s future and protect yourself against life’s misfortunes!

Protect your future and that of your children while enjoying tax deductions.

With lalux-Safe Cover, a mixed life insurance policy, you make regular savings over the long term (10 years) while benefiting from life and death cover without preliminary medical formalities. At the end of the contract, the capital paid is exempt from income tax.

lalux-Study Cover, a study-life insurance policy, is the ideal solution to prepare for your children’s future, by ensuring you can finance their studies and more easily help them get off to a good start in life, while benefiting from life and death cover without medical formalities.

The premiums paid in relation to your lalux Safe-Cover and lalux Study-Cover life insurance contracts may be deducted from your taxable income up to the maximum amount of EUR 672 per household member (taxpayer, spouse and dependent children). The premiums of other life, disability, illness, accident or civil liability insurance policies as well as the interest due on your consumer loans are also included in the calculation of the maximum deductible amount.