19. März 2020

BCEE Asset Management S.A. becomes a Climate Bonds Partner

LONDON/LUXEMBOURG 19/03/2020: BCEE Asset Management S.A., an independent Luxemburgish asset manager, joins the Climate Bonds Initiative Partners’ Program, supporting the climate finance development and green bond market growth.

Partners participate in initiatives enhancing investment in climate finance solutions, green finance markets, and assist in various market development and information activities, connecting with a wide range of issuers, investors, corporations and other stakeholders in the CBI Partners’ network.

BCEE Asset Management has recently incorporated ESG factors in its investment and ownership decisions though these have always been deeply rooted in their corporate values. In late 2019, the Company launched its Green Bond Fund. As an active player in the Luxembourg Financial Center, BCEE Asset Management aims at promoting the highest environmental standards on its security selection and at reinforcing its role in a more sustainable global financial system. As a CBI Partner, the Company supports its sustainable strategies.

Dr. Yves Wagner, Managing Director & Conducting Officer, BCEE Asset Management:

“BCEE Asset Management is committed to respect sustainable investments and welcomes standards and certifications improving the credibility of green labelling. Partnering with the Climate Bonds Initiative adds rigorous criteria to our fixed income investments within a global investment process following a strict ESG methodology.”

Manuel Adamini, Head of Investor Engagement, Climate Bonds Initiative:

“We are delighted to welcome BCEE Asset Management to our Partners network. In order to achieve the low carbon transition needed to mitigate climate change we need investors to acknowledge the challenge ahead and adopt strategies and practices aligned with a 2C degrees scenario. We are looking forward to working together to address the transition challenge by expanding green bond markets and climate related investment opportunities.”

Climate Bonds contact:

Louise Patzdorf

Partnerships Manager


M: +44 (0) 7493 171580

BCEE AM contact:

Maxime Papier

Portfolio Manager


T: +352 26 895 66

About BCEE Asset Management S.A.

BCEE AM was founded in 2006. Driven by strong corporate values, the company decided to incorporate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors in its investment and ownership decisions. Thus, 2019 marks an important milestone, as considerable steps were made towards a more sustainable and responsible investment philosophy.

The Company’s financial activities range from Portfolio Management to Investment Advisory and Risk Management. It currently manages over 40 sub-funds, both in-house and third-party funds, as well as institutional portfolios. Funds under management cover the full spectrum of traditional asset classes including equities, bonds, money market instruments and fund of funds.

About the Climate Bonds Initiative

Climate Bonds Initiative is an investor-focused not-for-profit, promoting large-scale investment in the low carbon economy. Climate Bonds undertakes advocacy and outreach to inform and stimulate the market, provides policy models and government advice, market data and analysis, and administers an international Standard & Certification Scheme for best practice in green bonds issuance. For more information, please visit www.climatebonds.net.